#Porte –” La Porte Automatique “

Nous nous penchons sur un phénomène troublant : “La porte automatique ”

A Source for Worries, Wonders and Troubles in … stations and everywhere: what is

an ‘ Automatic Door ‘ ?



Approachability: How People Interpret Automatic Door

Movement as Gesture

Wendy Ju – California College of Arts, San Francisco, CA USA, wju@cca.edu

Leila Takayama – Nokia Research Center, Palo Alto CA USA, leila.takayama@nokia.com


Automatic doors exemplify the challenges of designing emotionally welcoming interactive

systems. We attempt to broaden the automatic door’s repertoire of signals by examining how

people respond to a variety of “door gestures” designed to offer different levels of

approachability. In a pilot study, participants (N=48) who walked past a physical gesturing door

were asked to fill out a questionnaire about that experience. In our follow-up study, participants

(N=51) viewed 12 video clips depicting a person walking toward and past an automatic door

that moved with different speeds and trajectories. In both studies, our Likert-scale measures and

open-ended responses indicate that participants viewing the door behavior prototypes show

significant uniformity in the interpretation of the door’s behavior, and that they attribute these

motions as gestures with human-like characteristics such as cognition and intent.

Conference theme: Teaching across cultures design

Keywords: gestures,



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